Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Royal Rumble results

 15,103 packed The US Airways Center in Phoenix Arizona to witness the 26th annual Royal Rumble.   There were several returns, many surprises and a new WWE Champion.  Here are the quick results;

World Heavyweight Championship
  Last Man Standing Match
Alberto Del Rio defeats Big Show

Before the match there was a segment featuring Bret 'Hitman' Hart endorsing Alberto Del Rio by calling him 'the Mexican Bret Hart' and Hart giving Ricardo Rodriguez his signature sunglasses.  
The match itself was a typical Last Man Standing Match.  A highlight was when Big Show and Del Rio fought up onto elevated scaffolding neat the entrance and Big Show lifted Del Rio up by his neck and sent him about 8 feet down through a table.  Del Rio managed to escape the 10 count and the loss.  Back in the ringside area Del Rio walloped Show with a chairs numerous times.  Once both men got back into the ring Del Rio slapped on the arm bar while Rodriguez taped Show's feet to the ring ropes.  Show was unable to untie his feet and failed to beat the 10 count thus Alberto Del Rio is still World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE Tag Team Championship Team Hell No defeats Team Rhodes Scholars 

Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes start it off with going back and forth before Bryan tags Kane in.  Kane hits a running low dropkick to Rhodes face.  Both teams went back and forth through out the match. Eventually Kane caught both Damian Sandow and Rhodes by the throat but Bryan made a blind tag.  Sandow and Rhodes fought out of it and delivered a double suplex on Kane.  Bryan came off the top rope and caught Sandow with a missile dropkick.  Kane chokeslammed Rhodes while Bryan clamps on the No Lock for the victory.

 John Cena wins the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match
The match starts off with Dolph Ziggler as the first participant and a returning Chris Jericho drawing number two.  Cody Rhodes came out as number 3 while drawing number 8 was his brother Goldust.  Both man battled to the enjoyment of the fans.  At one point during the match Tensai was on the floor and Kofi Kingston was knocked off and landed on his back.  Kingston eventually wound up on the Spanish announce table.  Kingston teased jumping from the table onto the ring apron before deciding to use JBL's chair to hop back into the ring.  It wasn't long after that he was eliminated by Rhodes.  The Godfather came out at number 17 but just as he stepped foot into the ring he was eliminated by Wade Barrett.  Ryback drew number 30 and eliminated 5 men before coming down to him and John Cena as the final two.  The crowd was hot as both men battled it out.  Cena ended up lifting Ryback up onto his shoulders and dumping him out of the ring for the ticket to the main event at Wrestlemania 29. 

Full list of Royal Rumble Match participants and eliminations

Entry Number Name                                  Eliminated                                                                                                                                           Eliminated By
1Dolph ZigglerThe Godfather, Chris JerichoSheamus
2Chris JerichoDrew McIntyre, Brodus Clay
Dolph Ziggler

3Cody RhodesSantino Marella, Goldust, Kofi Kingston, Brodus ClayJohn Cena
4Kofi KingstonTensai, Darren YoungCody Rhodes
5Santino MarellaCody Rhodes
6Drew McIntyreChris Jericho
7Titus O'Neil
Cody Rhodes
9David Otunga
10Heath SlaterBrodus ClayJohn Cena
11SheamusTitus O'Neil, David Otunga, Jinder Mahal, Dolph Ziggler, Brodus ClayRyback
Kofi Kingston
13Brodus ClayChris Jericho, Heath Slater, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus and Darren Young
14Rey MysterioWade Barrett
15Darren YoungBrodus ClayKofi Kingston
16Bo DallasWade BarrettWade Barrett
17The Godfather
Dolph Ziggler
18Wade BarrettRey Mysterio, Bo DallasBo Dallas
19John CenaHeath Slater, Cody Rhodes, Antonio Cesaro, RybackWinner
20Damien SandowRyback
21Daniel Bryan
Antonio Cesaro and Kane
22Antonio CesaroDaniel BryanJohn Cena
23The Great Khali
24KaneThe Great Khali, Daniel BryanDaniel Bryan
25Zack RyderRandy Orton
26Randy OrtonZack RyderRyback
27Jinder MahalSheamus
28The Miz
29Sin Cara
30RybackDamien Sandow, Sin Cara, The Miz, Randy Orton, Sheamus               John Cena

Total Rumble Time: 55 minutes, 5 seconds

 WWE Championship
The Rock defeats CM Punk

CM Punk quickly targeted The Rock's midsection.  This all made sense when Jerry Lalwer reminded everyone The Sheild had attacked The Rock on Raw the week before leaving him bleeding internally.  The match was more technical then most people expected and was very exciting.  The Rock went for the Rock Bottom on CM Punk on the Spanish announce table but the table had broke underneath both men.  The Rock quickly recuperated and delivered The Rock bottom onto Punk on the floor.  Back in the ring The Rock went for The People's Elbow but the lights went out.  When they came on The Rock was laying on the remains of a broken announce table.  Punk rolled The Rock into the ring and got the three count.  While celebrating, the theme song for Vince McMahon played.  McMahon said since The Sheild was involved he is stripping Punk of the WWE Championship.  The Rock who was on the floor had a mic and said if there was anyone that was going to take the WWE Championship away from CM Punk, it was going to be him.  McMahon agreed and restarted the match.  It wasn't long after that The Rock hit The People's Elbow and got the pinfall earning himself the WWE Championship.

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