Saturday, October 1, 2011

Has Zack Ryder changed the business? You know it!

Often times in professional wrestling there have been superstars who have gained attention in unconventional ways.  Whether it be  by a controversial act in the ring, a real life feud out of the ring, or by a mainstream appearance, wrestlers throughout the years have found other avenues to "get over" with the fans.

Zack Ryder may be the most unconventional of all.

He wasn't the first to venture into the social media world, but he is by far the most successful to date.  With his weekly Youtube series, Z! The True Long Island Story, Ryder gained a large following while being sparingly featured on WWE television.

His series became an instant hit due to the content of his show.  Ryder is among the many contractually signed superstars of the WWE to experience a "downtime" in his career.  Often times both he men and women of the WWE are not featured on television for various reasons.  If the number of non-appearances reaches a certain point, they may even be released from their contract with little-to-no fan fare.

Ryder then successfully launched his Youtube channel and gained a following.  Poking fun at himself as well as the WWE for not utilizing him, many fans began developing an interest in him to the point where fans began chanting his name during live television during other participants matches.

His Youtube show has seen "Long Island Iced Z" do everything from showcasing his father (wearing full John Morrison attire), to his action figure collection, to his love of "Boy Bands", and appearances by many WWE employees.  Many of whom who have also been not featured on a regular basis.

Even though Ryder himself has stated that he may end the show when the "time is right", this could very well be a new plateau for other WWE Superstars who aren't being showcased. 

Woo Woo Woo….you know the rest.

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