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Welcome everyone to the newest section of WrestleRealm!  In this section, I'm going to include all of the items I have acquired over the years, whether it be an autograph, a program, an action figure, or something that is unique to me as a wrestling fan.  The best part of this section?  There is nothing set in stone as to what "memorabilia" is to me.  I love wrestling and I want to share this section with you!

Piece#2 - Personalized Autographed 8x10 of Bret "Hit Man" Hart

This was the first autograph I ever received and I did not get an opportunity to meet Bret until roughly 12 years after it was given to me.  (I would have received this picture in about 1994-1995) The story on this piece was that some family in Calgary knew the Hart's personally and were able to get me this autographed picture and have it mailed to me.  (I can't recall the entire story on those who went to "Hart House" to pick this up, but I do recall a friend being with them and he was stretched by Stu Hart.  True story.)  I will always remember receiving a vanilla envelope and pulling out two 8x10's, the second being a picture without the autograph.  I can honestly tell you that receiving this picture was awesome as Bret Hart had always been my favourite wrestler.  The picture today is in a picture frame with a set of other autographed pictures.  As stated, I met Bret years later (twice to be exact) and I will share those stories another day.

Piece#1 - High School painting of The Nation of Domination beating up Triple H

Now, it may not seem like much, but keep in mind I was about 17-years-old when I made this in art class.  (I am now north of 30.)  The picture itself came from an issue of RAW Magazine, circa 1998.  (If anyone out there can find the original picture, please reply to this post.)  The funny part with this picture was the response of my art teacher as he was adamant that The Rock's skin tone be lighten as he was worried about people perceiving this imagine as a racial gang fight.  (I found out later that this was on display for a school assembly.)   Years later, this painting resurfaced as it was put away for keeping in an attic.  I've since hung this picture up with other memorabilia I have collected and now look fondly at it as my obsession with Professional Wrestling has not subsided since that time.

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