Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Words are weapons - Do we as fans take things too far?

Realistically, we all have our own opinions on hot button topics.  Whether it be drugs, sexual endeavors, criminal acts, racial discrimination….etc.  But, what gives wrestling fans the right to cast judgement on people they really don't know?  Is there a reason?

Many fans flock to Internet "dirt sheet" websites to find the latest news and rumours on their favourite or most hated wrestlers on a daily basis.  See, pro-wrestling is not unlike any other sport or entertainment industry.  Fans are biased in their opinions about why said star is great or why said star isn't worth what they are making.

However, pro-wrestling has one unique and distinct difference as opposed to other industries that incites fans even more-so. 

They blur the lines of reality and fiction.

A lot of fans opinions have to do with their on-screen persona's, their abilities in the ring, and how they perceive their own fans.  Once the "4th" wall is broken down, all bets are off.  A wrestlers personal life becomes the ire of fans and their continued bias opinions increase significantly.

Take the Hardy Boyz for example.  Both Matt and Jeff Hardy have found themselves in personal, professional, and legal matters.  Now, regardless of personal opinions, these two brothers had achieved their goals at very young ages and have paid the price for doing so.  They are not unlike anyone else in the world.  In fact, if the fame and fortune were stripped away, no one would even know what problems they are currently facing.  The situations may change and the outcomes may vary, but they would not be any different than anyone else in their age range.

Should they be setting an example for their fans, young and old alike?  They can, if they choose.  But, that is completely subjective.  You can also make a case that there are millions of people in the world making mistakes and not setting examples for people around them.  That can be subjective as well.  The truth is, opinions will always be prevalent but so is hypocrisy.  Most people have heroes and role models, but even they have warts as well, no matter what their public perception is.  Mickey Mantle was a hero to most, but even he said he as no role model.  He as well, had warts.

So, while fans are laughing at others due to their personal problems, keep in mind that these are in fact real people with real problems.  It could be you, someday.

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