Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So, how was Triple H as WWE's COO?

If this title hasn't confused you enough, maybe this retrospective will.

Make no mistake about it, Triple H is more than just a WWE performer.  He is more than an authoritative act on television.  He is a member of the McMahon family and currently serves as the Executive Senior Advisor behind the scenes in the WWE "Universe".

Like most current WWE angles, reality must blur fiction and thus we saw Triple H as "Chief Operating Officer" of the WWE throughout most of the summer up until his "firing" in October.

The angle began when Triple H informed his father-in-law, Mr. McMahon that the board of directors had given him a vote of no confidence and appointed Triple H as the "COO".  Triple H then began the normal "General Manager" role on a larger scale as he was "controlling" both the Raw and Smackdown! brands. 

The angle itself was convoluted as Triple H feuded on air with many different wrestlers.  Most notably, he wrestled CM Punk at the "Night of Champions" Pay Per View as Punk had constantly questioned his role as COO.

Triple H also "fired" his longtime friend, Kevin Nash.  This angle was confusing in the sense that Nash was not "hired" by Triple H, but by John Laurinatis. 

The angle has also seen Triple fine wrestlers $250,000, fire The Miz and R-Truth, and saw almost the entire WWE locker room give him a vote of "No Confidence". 

Now, this is not a website where we criticize all WWE related angles.  However, no where in this storyline was a wrestler advanced to main event status or became a "break-out" star.  CM Punk may be the most popular wrestler in the WWE, but even he wasn't able to continue his great microphone work after his brief feud with Triple H.

John Cena barely played off Triple H.  Neither did Sheamus, Randy Orton, or many of the other major stars on the roster.  The Miz and R-Truth had been fired by Triple H, but this angle was rushed as well.

All in all, this angle was one of the more interesting to come a long in some time, but the WWE's version of father time just does not seem fair.  Lack of time can create lack of logic, and some are still scratching their heads over "The Game's" time as COO.

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