Sunday, October 28, 2012

WWE: Hell in a Cell predictions

Like many others who have attempted predictions for this Pay Per View, The WrestleRealm has also had a great deal of difficulty predicting the direction that this Pay Per View will go.

This is of course, is the best of all possible scenarios.  Not being able to determine the outcome is a good thing.  With that being said, let's attempt to predict this difficult Pay Per View:

Randy Orton versus Alberto Del Rio

With all the slander aside from the IWC, Orton has done a pretty good job since has returned from his suspension.  It's been quite obvious that the direction for Orton at this stage has been to work with other talents and help them get over and he has done just that.  Whether this is a punishment to Orton or just a direction for him at this moment in time remains to be seen, but I do not see any reason that this match will be any different.  Alberto Del Rio may be the most polished all-around star in the WWE right now (with the exception being CM Punk) and seems to be poised to get back into the World Championship picture within the next couple of months.  The smart money would be on Del Rio, unless there a change in character for Orton but that seems unlikely in this scenario.

Winner:  Alberto Del Rio

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No versus Team Rhodes Scholars

I'm not ordinarily a fan of make-shift tag teams, but these two are the exception to the rule.  Daniel Bryan and Kane have really thrived in their "odd-couple" scenario and have brought some interest back to the Tag Team scene.  Team Rhodes Scholars have done fairly well with the heat Damian Sandow has brought in his superiority complex character, all-the-while having Cody Rhodes bring some legitimacy as a former tag team champion.  Do not expect a title change here, that will more-than-likely be at another Pay-Per-View with the Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neil and Darren Young).

Winners:  Team Hell No

InterContinental Champion Kofi Kingston versus The Miz

This may be one of the most uninteresting bouts on the Pay Per View.  Ever since The Miz's latest character change (which is the same as the last character change), the WWE has tried to cram him down the fans throat as a serious competitor.  (Again, like last time)  The Miz has NEVER had a major connection with the fans to warrant the major pushes he has received and this may be the final nail in the coffin.  Putting Kofi Kingston over will do nothing for either men in this scenario and Kofi will need to be fed strong opponents going forward to restore any type of prestige to himself and the InterContinental Championship.  Truth be told, The Miz should return to the Tag Team scene, which is the place where has really thrived in his career.

Winner:  Kofi Kingston

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus versus The Big Show

This type of match-up is how a Pay-Per-View match should be built.  The reason being is that these men have not faced each other in the past, so there is no history to show who has the upper hand.  The WWE has used a former practice of who's "finisher" is more powerful in this one, so anytime one is attempted it will entire a response from the crowd.  I fully expect Sheamus' run as the World Heavyweight Champion to end tonight, with The Big Show standing victorious….until Dolph Ziggler cashes in Money in the Bank and disgruntles TBS to having another short championship reign.

Winner:  The Big Show (Then Dolph Ziggler)

Divas Champion Eve versus Layla versus Kaitlyn (Divas Triple Threat Match)

Regardless of stellar in-ring performances by both Layla and Eve in recent weeks, this match-up has a pretty low interest rate when compared to the other match-ups on the card.  The whole point to this match is that Eve set Kaitlyn up by taking her of her recent Pay-Per-View title match (with the help of Aksana) and then using the opportunity to win the championship from Layla herself.  Now, both Layla and Kaitlyn are seeking revenge against Eve.  No matter how stellar Eve and Layla are in the ring, they will not be able carry this match as the fans do not seem to be buying the soap opera story.  Truth be told, Eve is the only one in this match with an interesting character as Layla is not receiving great traction as a babyface and Kaitlyn is still green with the audience.  Expect Eve to retain.

Winner:  Eve

WWE Champion CM Punk versus Ryback

This is the match that has people scratching their heads….in a good way.  Most people do not know who is going to win this match.  Will it be CM Punk who is on a collision course to have one of the greatest title runs of his generation, as well as company history?  Will it be the babyface monster who has destroyed everyone in his path?  Many point to Ryback being green and not ready, but this is also a match that could launch a new superstar to humongous heights.  Many also do not want to see Punk's title reign come to an end.  I would expect that this match is stopped somehow by a run-in of sorts.  (Brock Lesnar?  Colt Cabana?  Punk's sister Shaleen?)  I will go against the grain and state that Punk will not lose the title at this event.

Winner:  CM Punk

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