Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jack Swaggers ascension and possible plummet.

Jake Hager truly is an "All-American".  

Given recent circumstances, the jury may still be out on whether he is a "Real American" as his new persona claims.

The former collegiate wrestling star from the University of Oklahoma ventured into the world of professional wrestling after being named an "All-American" in his senior year when he placed 7th in the NCAA Division 1 Championships.  After two years toiling all of the WWE's developmental territories, he was re-christened Jack Swagger, one of the newest stars of the WWE.

Swagger has been consistently one of the best in-ring performers that the WWE has employed over the last 6 years.  A very agile athlete for a man of his size, Swagger is able to weave in an amateur wrestling style to go with a power game to put on some of the more believable matches in the WWE.  Swagger may not be the most charismatic star that the company has, but he is consistently able to get the attention of the fans with his aggressive and technical savvy in the ring.

After a several month layoff, Swagger returned just before the 2013 edition of the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View.  Shortly after his return, Swagger debuted his new manager Zeb Coulter (wrestling legend Dutch Mantel).  With Coulter as his manager, the two have begun an "Real-American" stance that degrades the America of today and wish to liken it back to the America of yesteryear.  This storyline is xenophobic and has created huge mainstream attention with major media outlets.  This gimmick has been so successful that Swagger has been placed into one of the major matches of of Wrestlemania 29 against World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

On February 19, 2013, Swagger was arrested after a Smackdown taping in Mississippi.  Swagger was charged with speeding, driving under the influence (DUI) and possession of marijuana.  The WWE has been silent on this matter as of yet, but many are wondering what could happen to Swaggers position in the company and for Wrestlemania as the WWE is very pro-active with their Wellness Policy for all of their employees.

Whether being a "Real American" is a character or not, perception is reality and this could severely damage the former "All American's" chance at the "Showcase of Immortals".

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