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In-depth WrestleMania 29 Predictions

It's back!  

The Showcase of the Immortals is upon us yet again and while it may not seem like the strong card last years event was, WrestleMania is still the event that wrestling fans all over the world wait for.  Without further ado, our Wrestlerealm staff has made their own predictions for this event.

Tons of Funk & The Funkadactyls vs Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins

Matt:  This is the ultimate filler match for Wrestlemania.  Tons of Funk is a comedy/fun team that appeals to a different portion of the crowd than that of Team Rhodes Scholars, but that shouldn't stop this from being an entertaining affair.  With the infusion of the Bell Twins, expect Team Rhodes Scholars to win and then move into a more dominant role on WWE cards going forward.

Winner(s):  Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins

Derek:  What should be considered the throwaway match of the show, there should be little expectations of this match then a few comedy spots and a silent crowd. While many would predict Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins to come out the victors, Tons of Funk would be the better fit to win. Since this match will most likely be the filler, Tons of Funk and The Funkadactyls would lift the crowds spirits going into a big match. 

Winner(s): Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay & Tensai) and The Funkadactyls (Cameron and Naomi)

Chris Jericho vs Fandango

Matt:  This match probably came as a surprise to most people (and to me personally), but I have been pleasantly surprised by how well Fandango has came across since his debut.  (I was probably one of the only Johnny Curtis fans anyway)  Fandango has generated a ton of heat since his debut and Chris Jericho is the perfect opponent to have the sleeper match of the card with.  Jericho continues to be one of the premier performers of the WWE well into his 40's and can always have one of the best matches on the card.  Expect Fandango to win his debut and don't expect anyone to say his name right.

Winner:  Fandango

Derek:  All eyes will be on the debuting Fandango during this contest. This match should be back-and –fourth until Fandango picks up the definite victory. I expect this to be sort of a passing of the torch type of match.

Winner:  Fandango

Punga:  This match was set up last minute and now has actually some legitimacy to being a good WrestleMania match. Fandango, is an up-and-coming superstar who has potential, but to put him on the “grandest stage of ‘em all” is a make or break situation for him. Now, he’s facing a multi-time champion in Chris Jericho and the way Fandango’s gimmick fits, gives it some relevancy as well because Jericho was on the reality television show, Dancing With The Stars and what better way to have Fandango interact with him then to challenge Jericho to a “dance-off” at WrestleMania. Chris Jericho has nothing to gain by winning this match. This should be a fun, entertaining match, nothing more.

Winner:  Fandango

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston

Matt:  Team Hell No has undoubtedly been the hottest team the WWE has had in several years and while they continue to be great in their role, all good things must come to an end and it's time for Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston to take the reigns atop the Tag Team Division.  This will be significant for a couple of reasons.  Langston will finally establish himself in the ring as a "monster" and Daniel Bryan can return to being a singles competitor and climb the ranks once again.  Expect Langston to go over STRONG.

Winner(s):  New Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langtson

Derek:  This will be the last match featuring Team Hell No. It has long been teased that Team Hell No are on the verge of breaking up and on the grandest stage of them all Daniel Bryan will turn on Kane leaving him vulnerable to Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston. If by some hook and crook that does not go down and Team Hell No regain their Tag Team Championship than see my prediction for the main event. 

Winner(s): Dolph Ziggler & Big E. Langston

Ryback vs Mark Henry

This is the traditional "big man" match and can go one of two ways.  It will be very impressive with powerful moves or awkward as it features two wrestlers with similar styles.  I wouldn't expect this to be a long encounter, but I would expect an impressive feat with Ryback performing the "Shell Shocked" to Henry for the win.

Winner:  Ryback

Derek:  This match will exhibit both men’s power in this bout. There will be moments where grips are broken in moves like bearhugs and surfboards. In a ‘Wrestlemania moment’ Ryback will lift Mark Henry up for a variation of the Shell Shock and secure the victory. 

Winner: Ryback

Punga:  Here’s another example of “Teacher v.s. Student”. Just like the Jericho/Fandango match-up, this is a straight up, letting the younger talent go over, type of match. I think that Ryback will be victorious because 1) Mark Henry is a veteran wrestler and is probably at the end of his career. 2) Ryback needs to face off against a strong (physically) veteran like Henry to have him grab the torch and run with it for the next 10 years. 
Winner: Ryback

Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Big Show vs The Shield

Matt:  While they have built this match to show "distrust" towards the big show and "unity" for the Shield, the bigger backstory will be the methods in which The Shield will obtain victory over the three established WWE Superstars.  It would be a major surprise if The Shield lost this match and it would be an even bigger surprise if one of the members of the WWE supported team didn't cost themselves the match.  Expect either Randy Orton or Sheamus to turn on their team and allow the The Shield to continue their ascension.

Winner:  The Shield

Derek:  Randy Orton has been predicted by wrestling analysts to turn heel by attacking Big Show and Sheamus during the match and joining The Shield. That is not going to happen. The Shield will finally be defeated but this should be a good match by six-man tag standards. 

Winner: Sheamus, Randy Orton & Big Show.

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) vs Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter)

Matt:  Make no mistake about it, Alberto Del Rio is superbly talented but has been outshined in this storyline.  Alberto has not been able to become a major "baby face" in the WWE due to his character and the way he has been portrayed on television.  Alberto originally debuted as a wealthy Mexican aristocrat who was better than the rest of society because of his lifestyle and now according to the current storyline he is fighting for the freedoms of the working class Americans and foreigners and it's pretty painful to watch when paired against Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter.  Zeb Coltor (Dutch Mantell) is very believable in his role for returning America to it's "glory" days of baseball and apple pie and this is hurting Alberto Del Rio in markets that do not feature large hispanic populations.  Whether or not the Swagger and Colter storyline is "politically" correct or not, this has severely hurt Del Rio.  I would expect that Del Rio will retain his championship during this match in a closely contested (and possibly a match of the night) affair.  I would also expect Swagger to be off television after this match as a means of punishment due to his arrest not too long ago.

Winner:  Alberto Del Rio

Bonus prediction:  Expect Dolph Ziggler to case in his Money in the Bank Contract shortly after this match and become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Derek:  Unfortunately somewhere along the way on the road to WrestleMania this program had a flat tire and has been wobbling on. However this will be the sleeper match of the night and a lot better than most will expect. Alberto Del Rio will work the arm and look for the arm bar submission while Jack Swagger will work the Ankle in anticipation of securing the Ankle Lock on Del Rio. Zeb Colter will get involved and Ricardo Rodriguez will make an appearance using his crutch as justice in aiding Del Rio to a win. 

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Punga:  From the moment Jack swagger came back, I have rekindled my fanship for the American Patriot.  I never thought they gave him much to room to grow with his old character, but he comes back, new attitude, new character and most importantly, a new manager. Zeb Coulter is the perfect mouthpiece for the gimmick and with Swagger still limited with his mic skills, it compliments him perfectly. Swagger wants to bring justice to HIS America by winning the World title and Del Rio wants revenge for the torment the two put on his friend and manager, Ricardo Rodriguez. Look for a lot of submission lock-ups and technical style throughout this match.

Winner:  Jack Swagger  - New Champ!

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar (No Holds Barred Match; if Lesnar wins, Triple H must retire)

Their last encounter was an epic affair (and a match this writer enjoyed immensely) and I wouldn't expect this to be any different with the broken arm storyline as well as Vince McMahon receiving a broken hip due to Brock Lesnar.  The stipulation for this match has Triple H retiring if he is unable to avenge his loss to Lesnar.  Expect this to be a very physical affair with a lot of attention going to Triple H's arm.  In the end, I believe Triple H will squeak out the victory and then be dismantled again by Lesnar after the match.  There is also the possibility of Shawn Michaels playing a bigger factor in this match, either by helping or betraying.  I would expect both here.  (Michaels helps Triple H, but it's not received….starting a new storyline once the Lesnar story finishes)

Winner:  Triple H

While most expect Triple H to gain refuge for his lost at last year’s SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar will get the ‘W’ in this bout. Both men go at it in an all-out war which will include many weapons (chairs, sledgehammers), close finishes and possibly even blood. The end will come when both Paul Heyman and Shawn Michaels interfere. It will be an accidental Sweet Chin Music from Michaels that will cost his long-time companion not only the match but his career. This will be match of the night. 

Winner: Brock Lesnar (MOTN)

Punga:  This should be a blood fest.. a brawl of epic proportion. Honestly, we saw Triple H lose to The Undertaker last year and that was the second battle, so this year, with the stipulation of retirement added to the board, this may be very last time we see Triple H at WrestleMania and/or a WWE ring. I am looking forward to seeing a good brawl.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

The Undertaker vs CM Punk

Matt:  While CM Punk carried the WWE on his back for a year-and-a-half, he is no longer the WWE attraction and this is his "compensation".  Punk has definitely made the most of this opportunity as he has garnered some controversial interest in this match (albeit difficult at times to watch).  Make no mistake about it, Punk is the best all-around performer in the WWE and this could be the staple of his career against the greatest legend the WWE has ever created in The Undertaker.  'Taker also has the opportunity to showcase himself in a match that has no gimmicks attached to it and can (and will) show the world he is still one of the greatest workers in the world.  I believe that this will be the match of the night and "The Deadman" will walk out of a close encounter with his streak intact.

Winner:  The Undertaker  (MOTN)

Derek:  Unfortunately unlike previous years, an Undertaker match will not steal the show. It will still be one of the better matches on the card, just not the best. Expect a lot of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and submissions. At the end of the day Taker will be 21-0 and Punk, much to his dismay, will be another statistic in the streak. 

Winner:  Undertaker

Punga:  When WrestleMania time approaches, there is only one question I want to know: Who will face The Undertaker this year at ‘Mania? I didn’t really believe he was going to wrestle this year, considering he had an excruciating battle with Triple H in the Hell in a Cell, but yet again, Undertaker takes on a NEW opponent…this time it’s CM Punk! Punk believes that he is “best in the world”, so to prove it, and getting kicked out of the WWE title picture, he stands up and challenges “the best in WWE and at WrestleMania”. I am going to cheer for both guys in this match because I think it may be Top 3 of the night…there I made a ranking prediction as well.

Winner: The Undertaker (stays undefeated)

WWE Champion The Rock vs John Cena

Matt:  This is a rematch from WrestleMania 28 (which all of here at Wrestlerealm attended) and while it was a huge moment last year, this years instalment does not have the same feel.  The interest level however will still be high as The Rock is arguably the biggest action star in the world right now and John Cena is the WWE's biggest draw.  The backstory here is that Cena needs to avenge his loss and take the top spot in the WWE back in his possession.  Rock and Cena will need to pull out all the stops here to make fans forget the "Once in a Lifetime" tag from last year and create a big memory at this years installment.  Some believe Cena will turn heel during this event, but I do not see it.  What I do see though, is Cena avenging his loss and setting up a rubber match between these two in the future.

Winner:  John Cena

Derek:  While the hype is not near what it was like last year, there match will be. Both men will have a back and forth contest hitting their signature maneuvers numerous times and even hitting each other’s. While The Rock may have beaten Cena last year, somehow or some way (possibly even a heel turn) Cena will walkout of Wrestlemania 29 the new WWE Champion.

Punga:  Truthfully, I was not looking forward to seeing another meeting between two of WWE’s marketing pawns.  I think it should be a triple threat match, adding CM Punk in to the mix. However, there is only one thing that makes this match, mildly interesting:  the winner gets the WWE Championship. This should make for a decent match, but better PPV rating. This one will be the end of the feud and hopefully we can see NEW challengers step up. I am usually wrong when predicting wrestling matches, but if Dolph Ziggler loses his chance at gold with the tag titles, he will be hungry for the WWE title and go after the WWE champion----who ever that will be?

Winner:  John Cena  (Ziggler comes down and with the help Langston, he cashes in)

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