Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The legendary performance that saved WrestleMania 29

The Undertaker entering WrestleMania 29.  Picture credit - WWE.com.
Often times when you watch professional wrestling, you very rarely remember an entire show.  Whether it's due to a quiet crowd, poor performances, or potential booking pitfalls, most fans have a hard time remembering every single match and segment for a single show.  

Sunday, April 7th, 2013 was one of those nights.

Forget the fact that WrestleMania may have been flat for the home viewers.  

Forget the fact that Triple H vs Brock Lesnar had very little fan reaction.

Forget the fact that the fans dumped all over John Cena vs The Rock.

Just forget all of the negativity for a single moment.

Let's remember that this was the event where "The Best in the World" proved he is just that and the greatest WWE created legend showed he is still at the top of the totem poll.

CM Punk vs The Undertaker is a reminder of what professional wrestling can be.  Regardless of your opinion of the build to the match itself, Punk and 'Taker put on a clinic comprised of mat based action, striking, counters, and psychology based around the Paul Bearer storyline.  Punk was absolutely excellent as the heel in this match, playing up the fact that he was trying to get under The Undertakers skin and win the match by any means….even if it was an attempted count out by elbow dropping the "Deadman" through the spanish announcers table.

Then there was The Undertaker.

In this writers opinion, The Undertaker is the epitome of a legend within the WWE.  He may be the greatest legend the company has seen over the past 30 years and certainly he has the most popular gimmick ever created by WWE brass.  Even at 48-years-old, banged up from many years in the business, and working occasionally at the stage of his career, The Undertaker has uncanny agility for a big man that most men half his size can only dream about.  His mere presence in the ring is a sight to be seen and his entrance itself can be a memorable moment for anyone who has ever been to a WWE event of any kind.  (His entrance at this years WrestleMania was fantastic)

It was with CM Punk and The Undertaker this year that WrestleMania had one of it's few "magic" moments.  In a real story driven match, Punk and 'Taker told a tale of the protagonist finally shutting up the antagonist.  While few really thought that CM Punk could end "The Streak", they built a unique story that made people question….even for a moment, that The Undertaker could beaten.

Rest assured, when The Undertaker finally hangs up his boots for good, his Hall of Fame induction speech will include this match.  It really was THAT good.

So good that is salvaged the highest grossing show of the year.

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