Saturday, August 13, 2016

Conor McGregor, UFC's best worker

Over the last week, UFC fighter Conor McGregor has continued his assault on the WWE roster by continuing to question their toughness and real fighting ability.  Many of the WWE roster as well as the fans have berated McGregor for his comments on their legitimacy as well as their own personal physche.  So, what was the point of all of this?

Headlines, headlines, and more headlines.

While McGregor (and many other UFC stars) may have been frustrated by Brock Lesnar's drug test failure, he decided to include the rest of the WWE roster as being "messed up" and stated that he could "slap all of their heads off".
Conor McGregor

There is no question that McGregor has been a proven performer within his own weight class, but for him to insinuate that he could take on an entire Pro-Wrestling roster with different weight classes, athletic backgrounds, and some legitimately tough individuals is either incredibly near sighted or terribly naive.

I would never doubt that a UFC can handle themselves in a fight, but a controlled fight with rules that is the UFC is VERY different than a non - legislative fight.  That is why you've seen boxers destroyed when fighting with UFC rules.  This is why the original incarnation of UFC saw fighters from all disciplines have a fair chance against everyone.  There were no rules.  I fear that McGregor would find out the hard way outside of the Octagon that with no rules, many of the WWE roster would have a fair chance to defeat him.

At 170 lbs (145 lbs is his normal weight class.  He has bulked up for the Diaz fight.) is McGregor going to take down the Big Show and make him tap out?  Possible, but physics may make it unlikely.  Could he take down an All American wrestler in Dolph Ziggler?  Could he budge Olympic level power lifters like Big E or Mark Henry?  Or most importantly, could he do anything to Brock Lesnar?

All subjective of course, and he knows this.  But, he's got us all talking and his fight has not yet sold out.

Or, maybe WWE has interest in using him.

Headlines, headlines, and more headlines.

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