Monday, October 15, 2012

Pro-Wrestling's most overused fan saying

Throughout the wrestling industries rise to prominence on the internet, there has been one saying that has been consistent.  It's been more consistent than any catchphrase or tag-line.  This saying has quite frankly changed the way wrestling fans look at the product in general.  What is this saying you ask?

Impact Wrestling may not be a "he", but it's a good
example of the fans believing they can book wrestling.  No
matter how good of a show this company can put on, they
can do no right in the eyes of the internet fans.
"If they use him properly."

Quite frankly, this writer despises this saying.  In fact, if I NEVER read this line again on any wrestling or social media website again, I would be more than happy.

CM Punk.  The ultimate internet "darling".
Some love him, some hate him.  No
matter how over he is and how much
merchandise he sells, he could always be
"used better" by the internets standards.

This has been something that has not only been annoying for some fans, but it has also been a detriment to the business itself.

So, where in history did we start to believe that we know how to use every wrestler properly on every single show?  When did the IWC begin to book WWE, TNA, ROH, and every independent event?  

The truth of it, we have all become so spoiled with the internet that we believe that we truly are in the "know" of the entire business and it's workings.  If we all knew so much, then we would quite possibly be IN the business.  The internet is full of "arm chair" bookers and the fact that you have an open forum to explain why a certain segment is terrible, why a wrestlers spot is stupid, or how every show this year sucks.

Now, let's think about this for a moment.  If the business is so bad, why do you find the time to complain about it?

This is the REAL truth.  The fact that you are commenting, complaining, and watching these shows proves one thing and one thing only.

John Cena.  Always one of the most talked
about wrestlers on the internet.  Cena may
never get any respect from hardcore
fans, no matter what he does.  Cena sells
merchandise than anyone, and all the IWC
can talk about is turn him hell.


Face the facts.  If you didn't care, you wouldn't complain.  There is nothing wrong with not liking a certain aspect of the show, as not every part of the show is going to appeal to every age bracket.  Most of the "internet experts", who have watched wrestling since the "80's", do not realize that there were a multitude of things that lacked realism, but people still watched.  Same with the 1990's, 2000's….etc.

If we all just sat back and just enjoyed the show, put away the dirt-sheets, stop reading spoilers, and became the fans we were when were kids, then the bitterness would stop.

Then again, maybe we'd all still be angry "marks".  Angry "marks" that buy wrestling shirts.

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