Friday, April 19, 2013

Fandangoing - Everything the WWE wants and more!

Fandango - Picture Credit:  WWE

Call it what you will.  Silly?  Ridiculous?  A fad?

For now, we'll just call it "over".

Very few could have imagined that the Fandango character would become as popular as it has when vignettes began running several months ago showcasing a ballroom dancing wrestler.  

But like most new characters that are scrutinized, the opposite certainly happened.

Johnny Curtis was a standout performer on NXT and bested both Derrick Bateman and Brodus Clay to win Season Four of the shows initial competition format.  As an in-ring performer, Curtis was very innovative with variations of suplexes and other wrestling manoeuvres.  After winning season four, he was slated to have a tag team title shot with his NXT "mentor" in R-Truth.  After a heel turn by Truth, Curtis was left in limbo and began a series of promos on Smackdown! with various play on words.  (For anyone who does not remember, the spilled milk and the ace in the hole promos were excellent.)

Even after it looked as if he was to begin a good television run with this character, he was quickly squashed by Mark Henry and then returned to NXT, where he developed a "Weird" character.  (You're forgiven if you have forgotten or neglected this stage of his career.)

Then Curtis reinvented himself as Fandango and has currently become one of the hottest acts in all of professional wrestling.  Fandango still has the "Weird" aspect that Curtis had developed to go a long with a pompous ballroom dancer.  His entrance music has now also become an internet craze with fans humming his music on television and live events.  To go a long with the humming, fans also now point their fingers up and down which has been dubbed "Fandangoing".  

The character itself may seem ridiculous, but the WWE isn't laughing at it.  They are laughing with it.  Fandango's entrance music is a major purchase item on iTunes and has cracked the top 50 song list for the European market.  

Fandango is now a major star in the WWE and one should expect him to "dance" further up the card.  Cha-Cha-Cha!

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