Thursday, August 25, 2016

Brock Lesnar bloodies Randy Orton - The wrestling reaction

By now, most people have seen the Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton match from SummerSlam.
Orton is thrown around the majority of the match.
2 RKO's.

Brock mounts....and bloodies Orton.

Blood you say?  Doesn't WWE have a "No Blood" policy?

They have banned blood and the art of blading, but it seems that Lesnar is the one member of the WWE roster who seems to have bloody bouts in many of his appearances.  This scenario has gotten a lot of attention due to how the blood was obtained.

Brock Lesnar
Lesnar's elbow is the new blade.

Lesnar threw a very vicious elbow to the top of Orton's head and busted him open "hard way".  Orton laid prone on the mat and the blood poured out of the top of his head.  The wrestling fans were (depending on the section of the audience) confused, shocked, upset, and intrigued.  Many people felt Lesnar went too far including Chris Jericho who had a real life confrontation with Lesnar upon his return to the backstage area.

The WWE side of things seem to be calm as this was "part of the show".  If this planned all a long, how can they have a blood policy?  Do the rules not apply to Lesnar?  Was Orton really hurt in the match?

These are questions people have been asking all week and the truth of it is....why does it matter?  Good or bad, the point of wrestling is to suspend belief.  If the fans are second guessing this, then the right reaction was received.

Blood usually means that money is on the table and a return bout could draw a lot of money.  If Lesnar and Orton don't meet again, it could be for a number of reasons and the blood being poured was a wasted effort.

Lesnar continues to be the most controversial man in the WWE and beyond.  There is no one else like him and regardless of any rules that are put in place, he continues to buck the system which in turns makes him one of the only true draws in the business today.

We are all being worked by this.  Welcome to the "Reality Era".

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