Sunday, August 28, 2016

Controversial Thought - The Miz Talking Smack

Note:  These opinions do not reflect Mike Mizanin the person, who is a life long wrestling fan.

By now, you've all seen the clip and have seen it shared several times.

The Miz performed a "shoot style" promo on Tuesday's edition of "Talking Smack".  During the promo, former WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan declared The Miz a "coward" for the way he wrestles.  This led to The Miz cutting a promo that "blurred the lines" so to speak.

The Miz cut a promo stating how he loves the fans and he wrestles a certain way so that he can be there every day.  (Leaving out his past concussion issues, of course.)
The Miz

The promo continued to where he insulted Bryan as he had promised that he would be back after his own severe concussion injury and he never returned.  Bryan fired back and stated that he would, "if they let me".  The Miz continued to berate him and told him if he really loved the fans he would return and wrestle in bingo halls.  (An apparent disparaging comment about the Independent Wrestling scene.)

Bryan then walked off the set and The Miz continued his promo and proceeded to talk about how he is justified in his decisions and is in the company for the long haul.

Many have stated that this is the best promo of his career, and I cannot personally argue this.

There is a problem though:

His career (in my opinion) has been stagnant.  The fans did not view him as a top draw in the past and do not view him that way now.

I love the idea that the WWE produced this type of promo, weaving in real life situations into the WWE Universe.  I do have the following comments about it though:

  1. The Miz has never been crazy over with the crowd for them to take to him with a promo like this.
  2. Daniel Bryan by all intents and purposes cannot work, so to take revenge on The Miz will have to be very creative.
  3. If these promos do not continue, The Miz will go back to being mid -card fodder.
  4. To talk about he loves the fans and then insults them for insulting him, was very confusing.
  5. Talking about the "kids" in WWE and how they will not take his spot.
  6. The Miz is NOT CM Punk.

The last point is the most important.  People got behind CM Punk, because they believed that HE believed in what he was saying.  I would be skeptical that the crowd would believe The Miz would be 100 per cent behind a "shoot style" promo.  While the fire he showed in his promo is exactly what he should do, I did not personally find it believable.

Lastly, I honestly hope this leads to something great, because my memories of the WrestleMania 27 Main Event and the build leading to it are not favorable.

At least he had that moment, right?

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