Sunday, August 14, 2016

MLW Radio - The best wrestling podcasting network

For those of you who do not know, has been around for the last several years and has emerged as the premier wrestling podcast network.

Here at Wrestlerealm, we would like to give weekly props for the free podcasts that are available.  (We will not disclose VIP content as that would be unfair to their network, but recommend that you sign - up.)

Here is the content (that I've had a chance to listen to) for the week of August 7th to August 13th:

MLW Radio (Flagship show) - Court Bauer (who is the owner and creator of the network) and Mister Saint Laurent discuss all the happenings of the past week in professional wrestling.  This week, they had "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as a guest and he discussed psychology in wrestling, his early beginnings, and thoughts on the current product.  This was an excellent interview and he also did an exclusive interview for VIP listeners.
MLW Radio Network - Credit

Jim Cornette Experience - Jim Cornette is outlandish and honest on every broadcast.  He and his partner Brian Last discuss current events both in wrestling and in the world.  Jim also discusses old school stories from the territory days.

MSL & Sullivan - Mister Saint Laurent and Kevin Sullivan do a weekly show where they relieve WCW Monday Nitro in chronological order as well as discuss current wrestling events.
This week they discussed the Conor McGregor matter in great detail.

The Ric Flair Show - Ric Flair and Conrad Thompson do a tremendous job discussing current events as well as the "Nature Boy's" career.  They also have a guest every week and this weeks guest was former WWE Producer Bruce Pritchard.

Something to Wrestle With - Conrad Thompson and Bruce Pritchard have a unique show in which they discuss one storyline from Bruce's tenure with WWE.  This week they discussed "When the Mega Powers Collide".  (Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage)  Last week, they had a tremendous first show in discussing Dusty Rhodes' tenure as an in-ring performer in the WWE.

There are many other shows available on the network including the VIP Lounge with MVP, Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling, and the Tiki Bar with Tama Tonga.  Again, if you're interested, please go to or subscribe individually through iTunes.  (Also available with different smart phone apps)

We will review the podcasts more in-depth in the weeks to come, but wanted to share the word on this great podcast network.

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