Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Roman Reigns - What went wrong....or is anything wrong?

You've probably read it all over the Internet and heard it multiple times.  Reigns isn't over as a babyface, Reigns is pushed too hard, Reigns isn't a top guy, Reigns is ruining the title, Reigns, Reigns, and more Reigns rants.

The truth is, the guy is over with the crowd.  Just not the way you expect him to be.

Many people cite John Cena as someone that is so split with the crowd that it's not "right".  Truth is, regardless of what your opinion is, Cena has made millions of dollars in the WWE by not being 100 per cent babyface with the crowd.  No one had ever done this previously and this seems to be the precedence set going forward.

Queue Roman Reigns.
Roman Reigns

Reigns was very popular as the "heater" of the Shield.  His positives were accentuated heavily and the crowd was responding to him.  When the Shield was split up, it was apparent that Reigns may be the future top superstar of the company.

The only issue is, the "smart" portion of the crowd isn't buying it.

Without going into major detail on his entire run, this is the future of the WWE and Pro Wrestling in general.  Unless there is someone with absurd talent, there will more than likely never been a completely over babyface with 100 percent of the crowd ever again.  Due to the Internet and wrestling newsletters, it becomes apparent on who the WWE is high on and the Internet crowd more than likely will not be into the same superstars.  (With some exceptions)

Reigns (and Cena for that matter) could have major heel runs before all is said and done, but the likelihood of that happening may be slim.  If merchandise sales and personal appearances are high, the crowd will have to make a decision on whether to boo the babyfaces in the arena or not because their roles aren't going to change.

Maybe Vince was right all those years ago when he stated that it's all "Shades of Grey".  Then again, maybe it's all a work building to major heel turns in the future.

Believe that.

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