Saturday, August 20, 2016

Why the WWE suspends people and why you should stop worrying about it.

As seen over this past week, 3 active wrestlers on the WWE roster have been suspended.  As expected, the Internet began their usual speculation on what a "violation" has to mean.

Alberto Del Rio
"Alberto Del Rio is on steroids!  Look at him!"

"Paige and Del Rio are a couple, they were smoking pot together!"

"Eva Marie probably was using party drugs with her husband."

"Eva probably joined Del Rio and Paige's session."

There are so many uninformed and ill advised comments regarding the WWE's Wellness Policy that it's become almost a running joke online.

The truth of the matter is, it's really none of your business.  The WWE is within their contractual rights to suspend anyone who fails to comply with the policy.  (The affected parties are usually who provides the information if they choose to come forward.  See Eva Marie's husband and TMZ for more details.)  This includes not being able to provide the correct medical documentation for any and all prescription drugs that they may have to take.  The marijuana comments (regardless of your personal or political stance) is a fine from the company, as well as excessive alcohol abuse.  The WWE has also offered or sent many past or even present day superstars to rehabilitation facilities.

If you think this is ridiculous, go back and watch Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit matches.  Had this policy been in effect 20 years ago, it may have not only saved their lives, but could have saved many
Eva Marie

On top of all of this, WWE Superstars are people at the end of the day.  The WWE announces their suspension (which in itself could be embarrassing) and the fans make presumptions on everything.

The policy is to protect the wrestlers under their watchful eye and to allow them to continue to put on shows for future generations.

Besides, you'll all forget this in a couple of days when someone doesn't have a "Five Star Match" on RAW.

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