Saturday, September 3, 2016

Kevin Owens is the present - Vince Russo is living in the past

A couple of months ago I was listening to "The Ross Report" with Jim Ross who had Vince Russo as a special guest.

Ross and Russo were reviewing the latest WWE shows at the time and JR talked about Kevin Owens and Russo immediately but-in and went on a rant about how he "Is not a Kevin Owens fan".
Russo went long in stating how he isn't a star, doesn't look like a star, can't do anything to look like a star....etc.

Russo has since went on a long rant this week about how Kevin Owens has pretty much signified the end of the wrestling business and how him winning is "Rock Bottom".

Vince Russo
If anyone has been paying attention for the last several years, Russo has continued to proclaim that the wrestling business is "dead".  This is now his latest entry into the "wrestling is dead" talk.
If Russo really wants to look at why he believes "wrestling is dead", maybe he should look in the mirror.  He was a small cog in the success of the WWE during the Attitude Era and left the company two years into it.  He then went to WCW (who was still very prevalent in the business at that time) and had the idea of "saving" it.

Russo proceeded to create two very significant story lines in WCW.  First as "The Powers that Be" and then the "New Blood".  Don't remember these story lines?  Don't worry, not too many people do either.

Russo to this day continues to talk about his era was fantastic (two years writing in WWE) and how everything else was someone elses fault.  He continues to defend making David Arquette the WCW World Champion, when nothing came of it.  (WCW had mainstream press at the time, but there was no sufficient follow-up.)

Russo continues to talk about how WCW standard and practices ruined all of his ideas.  (In reality the WWE has been working with television networks forever and abides by their rules as well.)

Russo blames every wrestler in WCW who had creative control in their contract as to why his ideas couldn't fly.

Russo continues to talk about how great he did in TNA and how he was handcuffed there as well.  (Russo's writing was so bad in the eyes of television executives, Spike reportedly forbade Dixie Carter from using him as a television writer.)

The best and most relevant point of everything Russo has stated is that the Championship belt is just a "prop".

I don't know Vince Russo as a person, but this is the opinion I disagree with the most.

Here is the problem with this.  If the belt is nothing more than a "prop", why does anyone care who has it?  More importantly, why does Russo care if Kevin Owens is the Universal Champion if the belt means nothing?

Truth be told, you can always make an argument as to who should be champion, how they become champion, and why they became champion.  Kevin Owens has been one of the best in-ring performers as well as one of the most charismatic and entertaining wrestlers on the microphone and commentary.  Owens has a ton of charisma and isn't scared of heat like many heels in wrestling are.
Russo can continue to rant when about how Owens won't draw any new fans, or shouldn't be the poster boy for the company because of how he looks and how the media will perceive him.

Last time I checked, the WWE is doing fine with fans tuning in as well as their metrics with merchandise, online viewing, and the WWE Network subscribers.  Comparing it with the ratings for the Attitude Era ratings is nonsensical.  Television has changed dramatically since then and WWE is available in more homes around the globe since then.

That being said, Russo can state all he wants that the goofy segments WWE use to do were more entertaining, but every time they try them in this era, they get a poor response from the live crowd and at home.  The past is the past.  It's not coming back and neither is Russo.

Kevin Owens is the Universal Champion and one would expect a rather large story line for the rest of the year.

Russo is now working for an independent promotion named Rocky Mountain Pro.  As a wrestling fan, I am interested in giving it a chance.

Wish Vince good luck.

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