Monday, August 29, 2016

KO-MANIA - The best character in years gets the spotlight

When I was watching Ring of Honor a few years ago, I knew Kevin Steen had a certain charm to him and a unique way of connecting with the crowd.

Many thought his look and in - ring work would deter the WWE.

Not anymore.  Kevin Owens is the real deal.  He is the WWE Universal Champion.

Pro Wrestling is all about timing.  This was set to be Finn Balor's time on top, but an untimely injury changed everything.

Seth Rollins?  Maybe one of the best all around performers in the WWE, but looks to be locked into a feud with Triple H.  (Whether he was set to feud more with Balor or not, is unconfirmed at this time.)

Roman Reigns.  Tremendous talent who even when on top, is still finding who he is.

Kevin Owens
This night is all about Kevin Owens, who is easily one of the most unique and entertaining personalities in the WWE.  Owens doesn't look like the prototypical wrestler, but he looks like a guy who can legitimately handle himself in a fight.  He also possesses fantastic agility for a man his size and has the ability to eat people up on the microphone.

His "Fight" character is a breath of fresh air for a company that doesn't emphasize "competition" on televised matches.  His character (even while being a heel) is all about being a prize fighter who will do anything to an opponent to make money and be at the top of the card.

Owens is the character that people have been waiting for and will be the most entertaining piece of a brand split Raw.

Hopefully this is a "Universal" opinion.

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